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Protecting Texas Families from Preventable Violence

  • Protecting Texas Families from Preventable Violence (PTFPV) has organized to pass legislation in Texas that would allow sellers to conduct an optional background check on their buyers.

  • Currently background checks are only available to gun stores and Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders. PTFPV proposes that all private sellers get the same protection and peace of mind.

  • The outrage toward law abiding gun enthusiasts, collectors and outdoorsmen in the wake of virtually every mass shooting is misdirected.

  • Pro 2nd amendment rights advocates --law abiding gun enthusiasts, collectors and outdoorsmen -- are just as repulsed by gun violence as everyone else.

  • Instead of rushing to infringe on  2nd amendment rights, Texas needs to focus on sensible solutions to keep guns out of the wrong hands-- putting the power to sell firearms responsibly in the hands of the public.

  • This proposed solution is revenue-neutral and independent of government overreach.

  • This proposal does not infringe on any Constitutional rights-- it is a mechanism by citizens, for citizens, and for the safety of all.

How it would work:

  • Give the Texas public access to the FFL background check portal.

  • Require private information to show the buyer’s consent (drivers license number).

  • Seller runs a free, five minute background check on buyer, then completes transaction.

  • This bill proposes that the seller be protected from ANY liability stemming from the sale. of their firearm if they have performed the voluntary background check.

  • Fewer ineligible buyers will be able to purchase firearms, sellers will gain peace of mind, and the public will be safer.

Proposed PTFPV Language:

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